Jason Goodman

New York City, NY
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Production Experience

Biography • 2007-9 • Robert Small Entertainment.

Executive Producer, Director, Producer and Writer of five 60-minute “Biography” documentaries for A&E/Bio Channel series. Subjects to date include Gwyneth Paltrow, Meryl Streep, Rachael Ray, Sarah Silverman and Run DMC.

FaceTime • 2007 •  Robert Small Entertainment.

Director, Producer and Writer of 60-minute Biography Channel pilot.

TV Land’s Top 10 • 2004-6 • Robert Small Entertainment.

Director, Producer and Writer of 20 episodes of the Award-Winning original TV Land series.

Class Of… • 2004-6. Robert Small Entertainment.

Producer and Writer of three installments of the Award-Winning annual Biography Channel Entertainment Specials.

Dr. Phil • 2002-2005 • Paramount Pictures.

East Coast Field Director for the popular syndicated series. Responsible for over 150 field shoots working in difficult environments with a wide variety of subject lines and unpredictable talent. Also responsible for DV cinematography.

Intimate Portrait: Jennie Garth • 2002 • PictureThis TV/ Lifetime Television.

Producer and Writer of a one-hour episode for Lifetime Television’s “Intimate Portrait,” focusing on Jennie Garth, one of the stars of the long running Fox drama, “Beverly Hills 90210.”

Behind The Screen: The David Begelman Scandal • 2001 • AMC.

Producer and Writer of a half-hour special for American Movie Classics, focusing on the “Indecent Exposure” saga involving former Columbia Pictures President David Begelman. Brought the key players together for the first time in over 20 years.

Classic Day in Sports: Donnie Moore • 2001 • ESPN.

Producer and Writer of a one-hour special for ESPN Classics, focusing on former California Angels pitcher Donnie Moore, who committed suicide after delivering a fateful home run ball to Red Sox outfielder Don Baylor.

Hollywood’s Best Kept Secrets • 2001 • AMC.

Supervising Producer and Writer of a half-hour pilot focusing on scandals and intrigue from the golden age of moviemaking.

Eye On The Grammies • 2000 • CBS Television.

Producer and Writer of a one-hour special, hosted by Gloria Estefan, focusing on the nominees for the 2000 Grammy Awards. Produced in conjunction with the NARAS.

Radio City Music Hall:The Story Behind The Showcase • 2000 • AMC
Supervising Producer and Writer of a one-hour special focusing on the history and 1999 renovation of Radio City Music Hall, hosted by Lauren Bacall.

Behind The Music • 1997-9 • VH-1 Productions

Co-Creator, Producer and Writer of ten one-hour, prime-time episodes of the hit documentary music series. Responsible for all aspects of production, from interviews through editing, for the series two pilots, Milli Vanilli and M.C. Hammer, two 90-minute specials, Madonna and Cher, as well as episodes about Blondie, Heart, Jerry Lee Lewis, Meat Loaf, Teddy Pendergrass and Bonnie Raitt.

Bill Clinton – Rock ‘n Roll President • 1998 • VH-1 Productions

Writer for VH-1 Network prime time special, hosted by Carly Simon, focusing on the importance of music in President Clinton’s life.

The Eden Alternative • 1998 • Provocateur Entertainment

Producer, Director & Writer of a 30-minute documentary film focusing on Doctor Bill Thomas, and his effort to bring radical change to nursing home environment by introducing children, animals and plants. Filmed on location in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Celebrity Weddings InStyle • 1997 • Lifetime / InStyle Magazine.

Producer and Writer for Lifetime Network prime time special. Worked closely with Instyle Magazine to create a cohesive, cross-platformed production identity. Responsible for all feature segments, as well as host Christie Brinkley’s on-camera presentation.

Day & Date • 1996-97 • CBS/Eyemark Productions.

Producer for syndicated magazine show, specializing in long-form, sweeps, and high impact feature segments. Additionally, produced day-of-air breaking news stories, as well as producing, writing and editing show opens and teases.

A Current Affair • 1995-96 • 20th Century Fox Television.

Producer for the syndicated magazine show, specializing in entertainment and new media oriented stories. Booked, produced, wrote and edited highly promoted feature segments. Additionally, produced complex national breaking news stories under extreme day-of-air pressures. Functioned as Line-Producer the final months of production.

Last Call • 1994 • New World /MCA TV.

Producer of late-night syndicated nightly talk show. Working with E.P. Brandon Tartikoff, helped define the show’s unique blend of celebrity and non-celebrity interviews, humor, and political issues.

“Lifestories With Gabrielle Carteris” 1994 • Rysher Ent.

Supervising Producer, Writer and Editor of eight one-hour syndicated specials. Talk show format focused on issues affecting young people, including dating violence, steroid abuse and eating disorders.

“One On One With Lee Iacocca.” 1993 • Rysher Ent.

Supervising Producer, Writer and Editor of two half-hour talk pilots, featuring the former Chrysler CEO. Worked with Iacocca on developing show’s structure, style and execution.

“Face The Hate.” 1993 • Rysher Entertainment.

Supervising Producer and Writer of Peabody Award-winning special hosted by Gabrielle Carteris, examining young people’s attitudes toward prejudice and intolerance.

“Mardi Gras, The World’s Greatest Party!” 1993 • The Travel Channel.

Producer and Writer of one-hour Travel Channel Mardi Gras spectacular which also aired on New Orleans ABC-affiliate WVUE.

Hard Copy • 1989-1991 • Paramount Television.

Head Writer for the first two seasons. Decision maker, involved in original development of show’s format, style and structure. Also produced feature segments, specializing in humor-oriented pieces.

Home Box Office • 1986-88.

Consultant to the New York Original Programming Department. Involved in production and post production for many of HBO’s documentaries, family programs and comedy specials.