Teddy Pendergrass

Written & Produced by Jason Goodman

Teddy Pendergrass: Behind The Music was the 3rd episode I wrote and produced. I never really understood why VH1 green lighted the show. Teddy’s audience was never the VH1 audience, and everyone knew it would be a difficult show. Teddy is a proud and private man who, after being paralyzed in a 1982 car accident, has now lived for decades under difficult conditions. Teddy’s story was just a little too real – there was no uplifting ending to be had.

I’m proud of Teddy’s episode, but the network pretty much buried it – Teddy Pendergrass: Behind The Music is probably was one of the least seen episodes of Behind The Music ever. But I’ve always believed this was a good and heartfelt episode, and that it tells Teddy’s story honestly and compassionately.

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Behind The Music: Teddy Pendergrass • My Favorite Act • Written & Produced by Jason Goodman

Anyone can ask the easy questions. But it takes a special sensitivity to get people to talk about the most personal things in their lives – the stuff that has nothing to do with fame or their careers – but the things that are down close to their soul. Getting Teddy Pendergrass to talk about the accident and his paralysis was a great personal triumph, and I have always been grateful to Teddy for reliving those horrible events with me.

More than a decade later, I still find this act moving and compelling – and more than a little painful to watch.