Written, Produced & Directed by Jason Goodman

Doing Run DMC’s Bio took me back to my first few years in New York City, when I worked with The Fat Boys and was a witness to some of the early defining moments of Hip Hop. So I loved this show from the start, because most of the key players were willing to talk to us, and the show was very New York City-centric, which meant I didn’t have to fly anywhere to do it. That was all v. good.

But the best part of doing Run DMC was the drama. Many shows require me to hype relatively small matters into big plot points, but Run DMC didn’t need any hype. From alcoholism to drug abuse to mental illness to accusations of rape to career-threatening illnesses to murder to religious redemption, Run DMC had all the ingredients for good TV.

Click here to watch my favorite act.

Biography: Run DMC • My Favorite Act • Written, Produced & Directed by Jason Goodman

Biography has been on the air since the 90’s, and the format is a well worn groove. But each show should have its own unique flavor, and establishing that flavor right at the top is one of the hallmarks of a well made documentary. That’s why Act 1 of Run DMC is my favorite act – I like the way it sets the pace.

Happy to say, I wasn’t the only one. Cory Robbins, who owned their record company, Profile Records, said this Biography was the best, most accurate film ever done on the band.