Cheating Wife

Field Directed and Produced by Jason Goodman

Michelle and Ken’s story took me to Lexington, Kentucky, as part of a episode called “Dangerous Sex Games”. Michelle and Ken had started adding others to spice up their sex life, but when Ken tired of the game, Michelle had continued to play without his involvement. This shoot was rough for a couple of reasons. First, I needed b-roll to show Michelle’s bad behavior. That problem solved itself when we picked up our audio tech that morning, and he promptly told us about his previous evening’s sexual conquest. So the guy you see Michelle canoodling with? That’s my audio guy.

My other problem was less easily solved. Although you wouldn’t know it from the show, Ken was born was a withered, malformed arm. When I asked Michelle about it during the interview, she said she never thought about it. But during Ken’s interview, he told me that whenever Michelle went off to meet someone else, he thought, “there she goes, to meet a whole man”. So Michelle was hurting Ken in a deeper way than she was aware of, but none of that came out on air.

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Dr Phil • Cheating Wife

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