Mad At Dunkin’ Donuts

Written, Produced and Directed by Jason Goodman

Brandi and Chris lived in the wilds of Maine – I remember getting horribly lost on my way there, and there was no cell phone reception in the outback where they lived. Always fun making a good first impression when you’re an hour late and highly stressed about it. Shows dealing with couples can be difficult, because the troublesome dynamic between them can get lost in front of the cameras. That was true for Brandi and Chris – at least for the first hour or so -= then we really got going. I was proud of the way this piece turned out, and Dr. Phil did a great job on the show of revealing the true underlying cause of Brandi’s anger.

I did end up going back to their house for a follow-up visit a few months later. Don’t have that tape, but Brandi was a lot better once she started dealing with her anger over her childhood abuse.

Click here to watch what happened on the show.

Dr Phil • Mad At Dunkin’ Donuts

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