Overscheduled Mom

Written, Produced and Directed by Jason Goodman

Alyce lived in the suburbs of Philadelphia, the rare job I didn’t have to fly to. But that hardly meant the shoot was going to be easy – Alyce’s problem was that she was on duty 18 hours a day, and that meant we would have to be, too. My job was obviously to capture the cacophony of her daily life, but I really didn’t have to do anything than try to keep up with her. It was an endurance contest for the crew as well – we shot for 18 hours the first day and 10 the second. They sure loved the overtime, though.

Alyce and her family couldn’t have been nicer, considering the amount of time the crew and I were in their hair. I had an especially good relationship with Alyce’s six-year-old son. He only has a bite or two on air around the second commercial break, but his interview was so hysterically funny that I made a copy of the raw footage and sent to Alyce. He probably hates that tape now.

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Dr Phil • Overscheduled Mom

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