TV Land’s Top 10

“TV Land’s Top 10 is VERY entertaining. It’s full of great clips, info and interviews. I enjoyed it tremendously. I hope they release it on DVD.”

TV Land made me an offer I couldn’t refuse – the chance to quit Dr. Phil and get off the road. We did two pilots, Top 10 Dads and Top 10 Cars, which led to two seasons and 19 episodes. But between the 1st and 2nd season, everything changed. We got notes to adjust the show’s attitude,
to lose the snark and lay the love on thick – and it pretty much killed a good thing. I’m missing a few of them, but I think you’ll get the idea.

Dads                                           Cars                               Wacky Neighbors

Loveable Losers                        Holiday Moments                           Perfect 10’s

Characters You Love to Hate          Small Screen, Big Stars                      Dynamic Duos

Musical Moments                              Weddings                                  Spinoffs

All In The Family Episodes                         Cops                             Brady Bunch Episodes