Gwyneth Paltrow

Produced, Written & Directed by Jason Goodman.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Biography was a tough one – we were scrambling for interviews and under intense time pressure. Gwyneth herself was not participating, which is not unusual for “Biography”, but she did consent to give us some access to her life. That meant that her Mom, Blythe Danner, would give us an interview – but that interview ended up getting scheduled and cancelled and rescheduled for months. When we finally got together, it was great – Blythe is a lovely, magical creature – but the waiting did put us way behind schedule.

We were also up against the budget, and I ended up having to edit the show myself to hit the air date. I finished it in a run of marathon all-night editing sessions that were intense and kind of fun, and good to know I can still red-line the engine when I need to.

Click here to watch my favorite act.

Biography: Gwyneth Paltrow • My Favorite Act • Written, Produced & Directed by Jason Goodman.

My favorite moments in Gwyneth’s Biography are producer Donna Giggliotti talking about her homesickness on the set of “Emma”, the true story of the night of her notorious Academy Awards acceptance speech, the unwavering honesty and beauty that is Blythe Danner, and this photo provided by close friend Julia Cuddihy Van Nice, of a 17-year-old Gwyneth changing a flat tire.