Sexy Too Soon

Written, Produced and Directed by Jason Goodman

Sally and Victoria lived in Sarasota, Florida, and their problem was an age-old one – a mom who doesn’t like they way her tween daughter has started to dress. This was a fun shoot – I really liked both Sally and Victoria, and thought they both had valid points, and Victoria impressed me with a sharp sense of humor and style. It was hard not to side with Sally, until we went to do the b-roll shot at a local mall, and I was confronted by a startling reality – in Sarasota, that was pretty much the way all the kids were dressing.

On air, I thought Dr. Phil was pretty harsh to Victoria – he tells her that its not her own body until she’s 18, which is a pretty 1960’s parenting concept. But when I went back to do a follow up a few months later, she had toned down her act a great deal, with her charm and style intact.

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Dr Phil • Sexy Too Soon

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