Too Much PDA

Field Directed and Produced by Jason Goodman

Gabriella and Al were newlyweds who lived in a suburb of New Orleans, along with Gabriella’s two children from her first marriage. Her 13-year-old daughter, Rachel, had written to Dr. Phil complaining that her mom and Al were always kissing in front of her, and it made her uncomfortable.

It wasn’t the easiest of shoots. The script called for Rachel’s parents to kiss in dozens of places, including inside Kmart, some of which made Gabriella and Al uncomfortable. All those locations were time consuming – when we needed a shot of them at kissing at a soccer game, it ended taking us from one of end of New Orleans to the other. And to make it worse, it was raining all day. It was a long and arduous shoot, but Rachel was a delight, and I always love going to New Orleans.

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Dr Phil • Too Much PDA

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